Airush Kiteboarding


Looking for a Freestyle Kite to push your limits, this is the kite for you if you want to land the latest tricks.
  • Unrivalled unhooked performance & precision.
  • Mind-blowing pop & slack.
  • 5-line freestyle & Big Air blend.

The Razor offers unrivalled unhooked performance and precision that delivers way beyond the expectations of a purist freestyle C-kite.

With specific freestyle and wakestyle bridle settings, the Razor is a new generation 5-line freestyle and Big Air blend that combines unrivalled unhooked performance with more boost.

Designed alongside World Champion Alex Pastor, the Razor provides mind-blowing pop and slack.

The larger sizes are geared towards freestyle, while the smaller sizes have been optimized for Big Air and looping.

Unhooked: 100% Hooked: 75% Wave: 25% Foil: 25% Progression: 25%


  • Freestyle & wakestyle settings.
  • Smaller sizes are optimal for Big Air & looping.
  • Larger sizes are perfect for freestyle.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15m


  • Airush Load Frame v4 featuring WebTech.
  • TECHNO FORCETM/D2 canopy.
  • Gradient Subframe.

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